Is Android Better Than Iphone

Because of that android phones vary widely in size weight features and quality. Operating system gone are the days when android was scolded for bugs lags insatiability in terms of ram and extreme slowness especially on older devices.

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We ll discuss the differences between iphone vs android and help you decide which is the best camera phone in 2019.

Is android better than iphone. That is why an iphone does not lose as much of its initial value after one or two years of use than any android smartphone you could name. You may even find that apps from established companies ranging from banks to airlines are a bit smoother and cleaner on ios than android with better integration with the phone s core services. It used to be an article of faith that iphones were technically superior and the only reason someone would choose.

When it comes to iphone vs android in the ar arena iphones are ahead. Of course android is better iphone always keeps you locked in and you can t download the apps you want if there not supported with android your free as can be apple basically controls your phone. Of course iphones can have hardware issues too but they re generally higher quality.

The gap between android and iphone has narrowed dramatically in recent years. Apple s iphone lineup took a leap forward this. Is the iphone better than android for photography.

By avram piltch september 29 2017 android handily beats the iphone because it provides a lot more flexibility functionality and freedom of choice. It s a tricky question. According to karan singh from techinfogeek the use of swift language nvme storage large processor cache high single core performance and os optimization ensures that iphones remain lag free while more recently iphones and android devices can seem tied in the race for better performance iphones tend to have more consistent and efficient performance.

Premium priced android phones tend to be as good as the iphone in terms of hardware quality but cheaper android options are more prone to problems. The iphones are generally more well built and have better hardware software integration than android smartphones and also people tend to still like them more. When buying a phone there s one question that a lot of us often ask.

Another reason why android is better than iphone is you can actually replace the software that came with your device with a custom rom if you want to.

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