Android Vs Iphone Memes

Only apple makes iphones so it has extremely tight control over how the software and hardware work together. That the rate of android growth is three times faster than that of the iphone.

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Moreover a comparison of android vs iphone growth charts has shown.

Android vs iphone memes. Top 30 funniest iphone vs android memes to make you laugh this feud between the brands has been going on for some time now and the users insult each other in the form of memes. Before getting into the topic of this post let us look at a bit about some facts about the fight between apple and samsung. There are plenty of android memes and other fun content out there and we aim to take our favorite ones and put them in this post for your viewing pleasure.

As per the latest research figures which have shown that the figure for android activation. Funny android vs iphone memes that will make you laugh funny android vs iphone memes that will make you laugh android users be like youtube b7bb4adz20xjsm 130. These memes typically focus on the camera quality of the phone but can feature other aspects.

Smash like and ill use an android for the rest of my life android iphone memes. On the other hand google offers the android software to many phone makers including samsung htc lg and motorola. Lovely story of ancient greece but not for android users.

Iphone users refers to a series of memes that express the differences between the iphone and phones that run the android mobile operating system. Iphone vs android memes. The latest and perhaps most heated brand feud to enter public consciousness is samsung versus apple humorously captured through android versus iphone memes.

Hardware is the first place where the differences between the iphone and android become clear. Smash like and ill use an android for the rest of my life android iphone memes. Android puns poke fun at their pixilated camera struggles and bootleg emojis while apple jokes involve memes about autocorrect cracked screens and its status as a luxury brand.

There has always been an long lasting and never ending battle between apple and samsung in terms of technology update that is why i got the idea on writing this post on iphone vs android memes. These memes provide hilarious content to every phone user since they are relatable to each and every phone user alive. Meme social media android jokes android owners vs iphone owners meme android user meme android vs iphone memes iphone memes smartphone meme leave a comment.

Because of that android phones vary widely in. Which was 20 k per day last year has now increased to 340 k per day.

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