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If your chromebook model already supports android apps but can t seem to find play store be sure you are running the latest version of chrome os you need chrome os version 53 or later and check settings to enable it. In addition to announcing that android apps are coming to chromebooks google also revealed it will start adding linux app support to chromebooks by lacing them in a debian based virtual machine.

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With that out of the way o let s check out some of the must have android apps on your chromebook.

Chromebooks android apps. Chromebooks with android apps available in the stable channel make sure you have the latest version of chrome and look in your settings if you don t have a play store app. Currently the google play store is only available for some chromebooks. Most chromebooks produced in 2017 or later have access to the google play store as google announced it was bringing android apps to chrome os way back in 2016.

The quality of your android app experience will vary based on your chromebook. You can enable it there. Autostart doesn t have the best ui in this list but it does the most important task.

Learn which chromebooks support. Below is the list of chromebooks that can run android apps along with the list of models that you can expect to support android apps anytime soon. The app allows you to automatically start apps after the chromebook starts up.

Most of the recent chromebooks come with pre installed play store app but sometimes you will have to do it manually. You can download and use android apps on your chromebook using the google play store app. 20 best android apps for chromebook 1.

The startup app is one feature that is missing from chromebook. Not anymore as google has recently added android app support to the latest chromebook models making the device extremely popular as a result. It lets you start websites on startup but not apps.

For example chromebooks with touchscreens and particularly 2 in 1s will provide the best android. To run android apps on chromebook you ll have to install google play store first.

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