Connecting Ps4 Controller To Android

This will clear the old connection setting and resync this. 1 on the ps4 controller press and hold the round playstation button and share button until the light bar starts flashing white in a strobe pattern.

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Used to navigate the android ui.

Connecting ps4 controller to android. 2 navigate to the bluetooth menu via your phone s settings the controller should show up as a wireless controller or perhaps under its own name. To pair your ps4 controller with your android device bluetooth must be enabled on your android. Wait till you get the connected notification.

Connect the controller to your ps4 with the usb cable. Press scan for new device. When you re done playing your android games and want to play your playstation 4 again simply connect the controller to the console via the mini usb cord and press the ps button.

On your android device go to settings bluetooth and make sure bluetooth is turned on. Tap wireless controller to pair the ps4 controller with your device. Connect your android device to the controller to do this turn on the bluetooth future on your android device and wait a few seconds till wireless controller is displayed.

Press and hold your finger on the bluetooth symbol to quickly see your bluetooth settings. The controller s light should stop blinking and you should get confirmation on your phone that the connection was successful. The ps4 controller should appear on the pair new device screen as a wireless controller tap it to connect the ps4 controller to your android device.

Swipe your finger downward from the top of your screen to pull open the quick selection menu then. You are now officially connected and can navigate your android homescreens and more importantly play games using the controller. Play android games using your ps4 controller.

Connect your ps4 controller with the micro usb cable from the console power on your ps4 with a second controller or the power button on the console once the system is loaded to the xmb the home. Press and hold the playstation button in the middle of the controller. On the ps4 controller press and hold the ps button and the share button at the same time.

On your android device swipe down from the top edge of the screen to view the quick settings. It s simple to set up and it ll make some games easier to play so let us know what you think by commenting below. Should you use a ps4 controller.

When the light bar starts flashing you can release the buttons. While the ps 4 controller light bar is still blinking tap on the wireless controller on the android device to pair.

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