Iphone Not Receiving Android Texts

To check messages app settings go to settings messages and then make sure that sms mms imessage and group messaging are turned on. To begin the process open the settings on your iphone and then go to messages.

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Android not receiving texts from iphone.

Iphone not receiving android texts. Enable mms group messaging. Deregister imessage if you can t receive texts from iphone. That s why android not receiving texts from iphone.

Maybe you have blocked the number on which you want to send the message. Next go to blocked and here check if the number is in the block list and if it is then remove it. Mms messaging needs to be enabled on your iphone in order to send and receive carrier supported sms text messages on your iphone.

How to solve this problem. Apart from this the problem of iphone not receiving text messages from android can also be caused by minor glitches and network related issues. A faulty message app setting can be the reason for iphone not receiving texts from android.

The most obvious way to get rid of this issue is to unregister your number from apple s imessage service directory. So make sure that the sms mms settings of your messages app aren t changed. Apple has created a tool to help users do so easily after they faced the possibility of lawsuits.

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